The right haircut can make your hair look thicker, balance your face shape and enhance your best features, and even make you look younger. But how do you find the perfect hairstyle for you? Use this guide to know what will work best with your face shape, and the Trenton barber company with the skills to create that look.

Best Men’s Haircuts by Face Shape

Oval face shape

Since your face already has a balanced proportion, you can pull off practically any hairstyle. You can go as short as a buzz cut, keep it long at the top (with a pomp or quiff) then go for a fade,or grow your hair out into long, chin-length wisps.

The question that remains is what feature you want to highlight. Keeping your bangs long can help draw attention to your eyes, while a cleaner cut can show off a good profile or a nice chin.

Square face shape

Because you have a strong and well-defined jawline, you need more texture and volume at the crown. Try a pompadour or quiff.

If you prefer shorter bangs–or can’t be bothered with a lot of styling–ask your barber for an Ivy League cut, which will still give you enough length to comb to the side or style into spikes or waves.

 To make your hair look thicker, ask for a dimensional or textured side part. This can alsp help if you are trying to hide a bald spot.

If you have very strong features (and want the ultimate Alpha cut) try a military buzz cut. It’s a bold and very masculine look! 

Rectangular Face Shape

Like the square shape, the rectangular faces are equally wide at the forehead, cheeks, and jaw. However, they are a bit more elongated.

If you want to look thinner, it’s best to get a faded or tapered cut that shows a good amount of skin. Quiffs and pompadours, or any hair style that adds more texture and volume at the top, can also help soften the forehead.

If you want a haircut that’s low-maintenance, try a crew cut with a side part. It is easier to style, but there is enough length at the sides and the crown to add texture and balance. 

Heart Face Shape

A heart-faced shape has a wide forehead and a narrow chin. So, you don’t want a very short haircut that will expose too much of your forehead. Try a textured fringe, or a quiff that is layered or more dimensional. The key is to “soften” the upper part of your face with a hairstyle that gives more movement, or allows you to leave some of your bangs down.  

Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face shape has very strong or wide cheek bones. To balance your face shape, get a very relaxed or tousled style, with the crown or the sides left longer. Ask for more texture and volume, and a “messy” style that can make your face look less angular.

Some good haircuts include a high fade combined with a soft and sweeping fringe. This can help make your forehead look wider while still showing off your cheekbones. 

Avoid mohawks or any other style that adds too much height, because it will make your face look even more angular. If you want to try that look, you can get a faux hawk — which is similar in style but more flattering for your face shape.  

A lighter hair colour, and some highlights at the bangs, can also help create a visual balance that will show off your cheekbones while avoiding a very sharp, heavy look.

Round Face Shape

Round faces  needs more shape, dimension, and definition. You can help elongate the face with a pompadour or quiff, or ask for a sidepart or longer sideburns.

To make it modern and edgy, combine your longer bangs with a fade. The skin fade gives the most drama, but if you prefer a classic cut, ask for a traditional fade. 

Avoid buzz cuts or very short, closely cropped hair. You can get a fade or a taper, but you will need more volume at the crown or the top of the face. The key is to have longer proportions, both at the top and at the sides.

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