When it comes to shaving, there is nothing better than the safety razor men. It can give you a close, safe, and luxurious shave without causing any cuts, nicks, or skin irritation. However, people are still afraid of using a safety razor because of the many misconceptions they have about them. The fact of the matter is that all the myths about the safety razors have been created because people don’t know how to use them properly. If you know the proper technique of how to shave with a safety razor then all your concerns about using them would be cleared. In this post, we will be going over some of the tips on using safety razor men.  

Always Replace Old Blades

Safety razors come with a stack of blades. While these blades can be reused, it is best to not use them multiple times. It is considered good blade hygiene to replace an old blade that has been used a couple of times for shaving. Shaving with safety razor men becomes a lot more satisfying when you are doing it with a new blade. For starters, the new blade is sharper and will provide a more close shave to you. Also, it will have had less exposure to the elements and won’t have any skin-irritating bacteria on its surface. So, try to use new blades when shaving with safety razor men.   

Moisturize Your Skin before Shaving

Whether you are shaving with a cartridge razor or a safety razor, the process of preparing the skin would remain the same. You will have to moisturize your skin prior to shaving with safety razor men. This includes softening your facial hair with water. Your next step should be to apply a nourishing oil or shaving cream on your face. This will moisturize and hydrate the skin and make it easier for the safety razor to glide on the skin. When using cartridge razor, the shaving cream or gel is usually applied with the fingers. However, in the case of safety razor men, you should use a shaving brush to apply the shaving agent. 

Pull the Skin Taut When Shaving

Most people cut their skin while shaving with a safety razor because they don’t know the proper technique of shaving with safety razor men. You have to pull the skin taut when moving the safety razor on it. This will ensure that you don’t apply extra pressure on the head of the safety razor while shaving. The handle of the safety razor is weighted already and it doesn’t need any application of force during the shave. Another advantage of pulling the skin is that it makes the hair stand up a little. Your safety razor men would easily slice through them without causing any nicks or cuts.  

Don’t Shave Against the Grain

The facial hair tends to grow in a particular direction. When shaving them you need to make sure that you don’t go against the grain. This means that you should move the safety razor men in the direction of the hair growth instead of its opposition. Shaving this way will significantly reduce your chances of getting ingrown hair. Also, when going shaving against the grain, there is a possibility to graze the top layer of the skin. This can cause skin irritation and razor burn. So, make sure that when shaving with safety razor men, always shave with the grain and not against it. 

Always Shave in a Straight Line

There is no denying the fact that the blade used in the safety razor men is quite sharp. It can cause a nasty cut if you apply too much pressure on the safety razor’s head while shaving. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you need to shave only in a straight line. Don’t try to angle the safety razor too much. Instead, you can move your head or neck to get the shaving area in position for the safety razor men. It might take a little extra time for you to shave this way but it will keep your face safe from cuts and nicks of any kind.

Shave in Small Strokes

When shaving with safety razor men, patience is the key. You don’t need to hurry when using a safety razor for shaving. Take the time to adjust the face to the safety razor and then shave in small strokes. Don’t let the razor drag on the skin too much. It can pull at the hair and might cause ingrown hair. Also, try to avoid doing repeat passes of the safety razor men on the skin as it can lead to skin irritation. 

Rinse the Razor after Every Stroke

Just like blade hygiene, safety razor hygiene is also very important. You need to rinse the razor after every stroke to clean the hair caught up in the blade. This will unclog the safety razor men and ensure that each time you use it on the skin the razor is neat and clean.