Men and women both have hair on their arms. It is common for women to shave these hairs to keep their arms looking smooth. Men, on the other hand, generally don’t like shaving arms. It is just done for aesthetic purposes. If you want your arms to have silky smooth skin then you can have your arms too. However, shaving is a task that needs to be performed with caution. It involves the use of a razor blade that can cause a nasty cut and make you bleed if it isn’t used carefully. Therefore you need to follow some guidelines when shaving arms. In this post, we will discuss some tips about shaving your arms safely.

Trim the Hair before Shaving

If you have thicker hair on your arms then shaving them directly can be difficult and might not be suitable for your razor too. You should first trim the hair on your forearm before shaving. A small pair of scissors can be used for this task. This will decrease the amount of hair and make shaving arms an easier proposition for you. Make sure to cut the hair down as much as possible. However, be sure not to cut yourself with the scissor. You can also use a trimmer or an electric razor for trimming your arm hair. Trimmed hair are easier for the razor blade to cut and will ensure that you finish shaving arms quickly.

Skin Hydration is Important

Dried skin is very delicate and is easily cut when a razor comes in contact with it. Thus, shaving arms without properly hydrating the skin is not a good idea. You should soak your arms in warm water for three to five minutes to get the skin hydrated. Another benefit of soaking your arms is that it will clean the skin and remove any dirt that might be present there. This will also help when you are shaving arms. You won’t feel any skin irritation and there will be few chances of any razor burns or nicks if your skin is clean and hydrated.

Apply Shaving Cream before Shaving

Shaving cream is used when shaving facial hair. You can also use it for shaving arms too. It will soften the hair and form a protective layer between the skin and the razor. This layer will ensure that the razor doesn’t penetrate the skin and just cuts the hair. Also, the shaving cream will allow the razor to glide on the skin. You won’t have to apply pressure on the razor to get a clean cut. Another advantage of applying shaving cream before shaving arms is that it will moisturize the skin and prevent skin irritation that is common after shaving.

Always Use a Sharp Razor

The razor you use for shaving arms should be sharp. This is important because a sharp razor blade doesn’t push at the hair and gives you a smooth shave. Dull razor blades aren’t that easy to shave with and can cause nicks, skin irritation and in some cases even ingrown hair. So, to avoid these issues, you should always select a sharp razor blade for shaving arms. Do keep in mind that razor blades have a limited lifetime. A single razor blade can give you up to 10 shaves. However, if you start feeling that the razor blade isn’t sharp anymore, you should replace it.

Shave in Sections

Arms are longer than a face and don’t have a liner shape. So, when shaving arms, you should divide the shaving area into sections. For instance, the area between the elbow and the wrist can be one section and the area between the elbow and the shoulder can be another section. This way you will be able to access all the areas of the arm and shave all the arm hair. Also, when shaving arms, you should shave in the direction of the hair growth. This reduces the chances of skin irritation and allows for a smooth shave. After every stroke of the razor blade, you should rinse it thoroughly to clean off the cut hairs and the shaving cream.

Don’t Shave in a Hurry

When shaving arms, you have to be extra careful if you want to avoid cuts. Since the arms have a peculiar shape, there are many areas that won’t be easy to access for you. Also, you might have limited visibility when shaving certain parts of the arms. So, make sure that you shave slowly. The more time you take during the shave, the lesser the number of cuts you will have on your arms. Shave with firm strokes of the razor blade. You don’t want to have to shave an area again. Shaving arms during the day or in a brightly lit area of the home can help you see where you are shaving. This will reduce the chances of cuts and nicks.