The fade and buzz cuts are among the most popular haircuts in the world. They are suitable for people with multiple types of face shapes. While both these haircuts are stylish in their own right, their combination can be a lot more masculine. This is why the fade buzz cut is one of the favorites of men of all ages. It is an ideal haircut for people who don’t have long hair. Also, it doesn’t require you to add any kind of product to your hair for styling purposes. This variation of the buzz cut can be done in three different types of fade haircuts. Here is a look at all three of these versions in detail. 

Low Fade Buzz Cut

The low fade buzz cut is a version of the buzz cut that involves a low fade paired with a traditional buzz cut. It requires you to have short sides and back that are cut in layers, starting from the temples. This low fade should be gradual and must blend into your skin. You will have to ask your barber to take extra care when doing the low fade as it must not leave too much hair on the sides or the neck. The hair on the front of the head in this haircut needs to be buzzed off completely. Your barber will have to ensure that all the hair have the same length. 

The low fade buzz cut is considered a low maintenance haircut. It is true for the most part too. You don’t need any kind of gel or hair product to style your hair and can go outside without having to even comb your hair. However, if you have rapid hair growth, it will be very difficult for you to maintain this haircut for long. In such cases, it becomes necessary to visit the barber after every few weeks to get the hair trimmed again.    

Mid Fade Buzz Cut

If you aren’t a fan of the low fade and want to try something new then the mid fade buzz cut is a good option for you. According to Man of Many, there isn’t much difference in between a mid fade buzz cut and a low skin fade. The buzz cut would be the same in this version of the fade buzz cut too. However, the change will be the mid fade instead of the low fade. The mid fade has almost the same requirements as the low fade. What makes it different is that the layering of the hair starts about two finger width’s higher than the temples.  

Since the difference between a low and mid fade buzz cut is so subtle, it takes an experienced barber to get it right. Most barbers are unable to separate the two haircuts from each other and won’t be able to give you the mid fade you are looking for. Therefore, it is important that you choose your barber carefully when going for this haircut. Just like the low fade buzz cut, the mid fade buzz cut doesn’t need much maintenance unless you have hyper hair growth. Beards go quite well with this haircut so it might be time to start growing one.   

High Fade Buzz Cut

For people who love edgier hairstyles, the high fade buzz cut is an excellent choice. It embodies masculinity and brings your facial features into sharp focus. Also, it gives you a rebellious look too. As is the case with other fade buzz cuts, the high buzz cut remains true to the traditional buzz cut by keeping the length of the hair on the top the same. However, the fade part of the haircut will start from much higher up the head in this variation of the fade buzz cut. Ask you barber to gradually taper the hair from the highest point of the head but leave the center untouched. 

The high fade buzz cut takes a little inspiration from the Mohawk but its overall look is very different from it. This haircut is suitable only for people who have sharp jaw lines and squares faces. It can greatly enhance your face’s bone structure and make it center of attention for everyone. The high fade buzz cut is a very bold haircut and would not be ideal for office workers or businessmen but it will look great on athletes and sportsmen.  

So, there you have it. The three types of fade buzz cuts are all very trendy and never go out of fashion. You wouldn’t need any hair product for styling your hair and thus, can save up a fortune on pomade or gel. However, you will have to book frequent trips to the barber to keep the length of the hair the same. So, choose a barbershop that takes care of its frequent customers. The Chop Shop is one such barbershop. Go there if you want to get a fade buzz cut.