Shaving is an important component of female grooming. Women have to shave their legs, face, arms, and sometimes armpits as well. There are two types of razors available for shaving for women in the market. The most commonly used are the plastic razors that are disposable and come with multiple blades. There are safety razors for women available too. These razors have a single blade which can be replaced after every few shaves. The safety razors are slightly more expensive than the plastic razors but provide a more luxurious and close shave. However, women have concerns about their safety. In this post, we will try to ascertain whether safety razors for women are safe to use or not.

Aren’t Safety Razors for Men?

One of the biggest myths that women have regarding safety razors is that they are only for men. This is untrue, though. Men and women have the same skin. So, razors that are used by men can also be used by women too. Even women with sensitive skin can use safety razors. They would just have to moisturize their skin after shaving. Also, safety razors are far more useful than they are for men. The reason for this is that women have to shave multiple areas of their bodies while most men just shave their face. Thus, safety razors for women are more beneficial as the ladies need them more than their male counterparts.

Safety Razors Cause Cuts

Another myth about safety razors is that they can cause cuts. Well, cuts can be caused even by a disposable plastic razor if you don’t use it properly. Safety razors for women aren’t dangerous by design. In fact, they are designed not to cause any cuts. This is why they are called safety razors in the first place. However, if you apply too much pressure while using them on your skin then they can result in a cut. This is more common with a double edge safety razor, though. You can avoid cuts while shaving with a safety razor just by using the right shaving technique. Also, safety razors come with protective guards as well. They can ensure that you never cut yourself during shaving.

Plastic Razors are Cheaper than Safety Razors

Most women think that safety razors are expensive. Now, it is true that the upfront cost of safety razors for women are higher than the average disposable razor. However, a safety razor has a longer lifespan. It means that you can use your safety razor for years to come by just replacing the blade. Each blade can last for up to 10-12 shaves too. A disposable razor, on the other hand, would have to be replaced far more often. Thus, safety razors for women might have a higher initial cost but they would cost you a lot less in the longer run. For instance, this Pink Metal Double Edge Safety Razor by Chop Shop is available for about $35 CAD but it comes with 5 blades that can give you up to 60 shaves.

They Look Old

Safety razors are thought to be old fashioned. While it is true that safety razors were introduced way back in the 18th century, they are most certainly not a relic of the past. In fact, the safety razors for women available at the Chop Shop are quite fashionable and come in a variety of colors. You can buy safety razors with both metal and wooden handles. The safety razors also sometimes come with a matching holder as well. They can add a lot of color to your washbasin and standout from the other items there.

They are Eco-Friendly

Plastic razors are more commonly used by women because of their availability. You can find them in any drugstore near you. However, these razors aren’t recyclable and become part of landfills. It is estimated that around 2 billion of these plastic razors find their way to a landfill each year. Safety razors for women, on the other hand, can last for a lifetime. You won’t have to dispose them off after a few shaves. They can be reused again and again with just the blade being replaced. So, safety razors for women are an eco-friendly alternative and can help keep the planet clean.

Safety Razors are In Fact Safer

Safety razors for women are gentler on the skin and much safer than plastic razors. Plastic and cartridge razors have multiple blades and can cause issues like razor burn and ingrown hair. Since they cut the hair at different angles, they can cause the hair to curl and start growing inside the skin. Also, the multiple blades of the plastic razors can sometimes remove the top layer of the skin too, resulting in razor burns. Safety razors for women have a single blade coming in contact with the skin and they cut the hair at the right angle so that it doesn’t start growing inside the skin.

So, it is easy to see that the safety razors for women are far better than plastic razors. You can buy them at affordable rates from the Chop Shop in Trenton.