Facial hair play a prominent role when it comes to a man’s looks. A well-trimmed beard or a mustache can give a face a dignified appearance. You can use the mustache and beard for highlighting or filling up features of your face too. There are various styles of beards and mustaches you can choose from. However, similar to the hairstyles, they aren’t suitable for every face type. You need to make sure that the mustache or beard you sport on your face complements the structure of your face. In this post, we will learn about the different styles of beards and mustaches and the face shapes they are ideal for.

Full Beard

The most common type of beard is the full beard. It is the easiest to grow and the most difficult to groom. You will have to let the facial hair grow for some weeks to get a full beard. This type of beard needs constant maintenance. You will have to trim it regularly to ensure that it doesn’t get out of control. With full beards, you have to pay special attention to the hair on the cheekbones and underneath your face. Make sure that the cheek and neck line are well-defined. You will have to find tune them with a razor while the rest of the beard can be groomed with a trimmer. Full beards look best on people with oval faces. People with rectangle and heart-shaped faces also look good in a full beard.


Goatee is a popular style of beard that has been in vogue for ages. You can get the goatee by letting the facial hair grow only on your chin. Shave the sides of the face and don’t leave any hair on the cheekbones. Having a mustache with a goatee is optional. So, if you want both a mustache and beard, then you can grow a mustache with a goatee. This style of beard is ideal for people with round faces. The reason why it suits round faces is because it helps in highlighting the chin area of the face. Round faces have a less pronounced chin and the goatee can help them solve this issue. It will make sure that your face looks longer than it is and take the focus away from the roundness of your chin.   


There is no mustache style more popular or common than the Chevron. For eons, men have been sporting the Chevron on their faces. This style of mustache covers the area between your nose and the upper lip. To achieve a perfect Chevron, you need to angle it downwards towards the corners of your mouth. Make sure that the hair of the mustache cover the upper lip only partially and don’t go inside the mouth. Since the Chevron is a thick mustache, you will have to take good care of it to maintain its look. This will require regular trimming with scissors. The Chevron is a perfect mustache style for long-shaped faces. Freddie Mercury was a prime example of this. He made the Chevron mustache his own. If you have a long face, wouldn’t you want to do the same?

Short Beard

Short beards incorporate both mustache and beard and as their name suggests are shorter than the full beards. According to Fashion Beans, the short beard is more both office-friendly and versatile. So, if you work for a boss that doesn’t like too much facial hair, a short beard is just what you need to appease him. The good thing about this beard style is that it looks great on all face shapes. You just need to adjust the volume of the hair to highlight the right features of your face. For instance, people with long faces can keep the sides of their short beards longer to add width to their faces. On the other hand, round-faced men can elongate their faces by reducing the length of the sides of their short beards.      


Stubble is the easiest style of beard when it comes to grooming. You don’t have to do much to keep your stubble. Most men can achieve stubble if they don’t shave for 2-3 days. Once the stubble is grown, you only have to trim it lightly to keep its volume. Stubbles are the way to go if you have a heart-shaped faces. Since you have a pointed chin and a prominent forehead, you need a beard that takes the focus away from these two features. The stubble can do just that and ensure that your jawline gets highlighted more. Also, the stubble will balance the lower half of the face to the broad forehead as well. Moreover, stubble can also be used for camouflaging any acne scars or pigmentation that you might have.

So, there you have it. The mustache and beard styles we discussed above are only a handful of the styles that are currently in fashion. You can ask your barber about them. The Chop Shop is a barbershop in Trenton that employs the best barbers who know all there is to know about beard styles. They will let you know which beard or mustache style suits your face shape.