Men hair cut style plays a major role in defining your personality. You can tell much about a person by simply looking at their hairstyle. For instance, people in the armed forces can be easily identified thanks to their short hair. Similarly, edgy and funky haircuts are usually sported by millennial’s. You can use your hairstyle to enhance your personality and make a lasting impression on others. The good thing is that there are lots of styles available when it comes to haircuts. However, there are various aspects to consider when choosing a haircut style like face shape, hair length, and hair type. In this post, we will discuss some of the timeless men hair cut styles and try to find you the haircut that suits your unique style.

The Side Part

The Side Part remains a favorite among men despite the emergence of new and cool haircuts. It has a sleek look and can make you look both suave and classy. The standout feature of this haircut style is the parting of the hair at the side. Usually, this parting is made at the left side of the head but you can also have it on the right side if you want. Hair on one side of the part is kept long and combed over while they are cut very short on the other and allowed to fall down. The hair on the sides and the neck can be tapered or faded as per your choice.

The Slicked Back Undercut

Combination haircuts are a relatively new trend. They provide you the chance to play around with your hair and not stick to a singular style. The slicked back undercut is a good example of that. It combines the undercut haircut with the slicked back hairstyle, giving you a smart and fashionable appearance. Do keep in mind that this men hair cut style requires medium-length hair. This is necessary as short hair can’t be slicked back. You can get the undercut from a good barbershop and then style the hair by blow-drying it. The direction of the hair can be controlled by using a brush. You will need a matte pomade to keep the hair slicked back, though. 

The Fauxhawk

If you want a slightly edgier men hair cut styles then you can’t go wrong with the Fauxhawk. It is a muted version of the Mohawk. The basic difference between a Fauxhawk and a Mohawk is in the cut. While in the Mohawk the sides are shaved entirely, the Fauxhawk incorporates gradually tapered sides. Despite this difference, the strip of hair in the centre of the head for both Fauxhawk and Mohawk is kept thick with hair. The hair is styled from back to front in the Mohawk while the Fauxhawk is characterized by hair spikes that flow in the opposite direction. You can combine the Fauxhawk with many different haircuts depending on your hair length and face shape.        

The Quiff

For people with slightly longer hair, the Quiff is a very trendy men hair cut style. Although it is similar in style to the Pompadour but has its own signature look. To get the Quiff right, you need to ask your barber to leave a lot of hair on the top of the head. This rich crop of hair has to be curved back on to the rest at the front as noted by The Trend Spotter. It will create a bulge just like the one you get in pompadour but it will be styled in a wavy pattern instead of being combed back. To keep the hair styled, you will need to make use of pomade or hair gel. 

The Topknot

Long-haired people also have many hairstyles available and the topknot is one of the best among them. It features a messy bun that is set high on the head. The bun can be secured with a hair tie or an elastic band. You will have to pull the hair through the elastic band twice to form the Topknot. Make sure that the hairs aren’t pulled too tight or it might lead to headaches. You can pair the topknot with an undercut to get a bold look. Also, the topknot goes well with a full heard too. This hairstyle has remained a staple in Japan and other Asian countries but is now becoming popular in other regions of the world.    

There you have it. The men hair cut styles discussed above are all popular and currently trending in the world. Whether you have long hair, interested in a short haircut style, or looking for something edgy, you will find a haircut style to match your needs. However, you need a good barbershop to get you the haircut that you want. The Chop Shop Trenton is an excellent barbershop that can offer you just that. You can go there to get the haircut style that matches your personality.