Businessmen or people working in the corporate sector usually don’t wear beards. In some cases, the company you work at doesn’t allow you to have a beard or any kind of facial hair. However, things are starting to change a little bit. The evolving corporate sector is now keeping up with the latest trends and is less restrictive when it comes to facial hair. However, finding the right face hair style for a professional look isn’t that easy. You want a beard or mustache that looks cool but isn’t too casual. So, you can rule out any flamboyant facial hair styles like the handlebar mustache or the full beard. In this post, we will be examining various face hair styles and see which one would be ideal for a businessman.

The French Beard

The Vandyke beard is one of the most iconic facial hair styles in the world. A variation of the Vandyke beard is the French beard. It is an elegant face hair style that requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance. However, that being said, it is an ideal beard style for CEOs because it looks very professional and gives off a mature vibe. The French beard comprises of a thin and well-manicured mustache that has curved edges going down the sides of the moth and an equally trimmed beard that resides on the chin. The mustache and the beard are joined together to form the French beard. This face hair style is flexible, though. You can add a soul patch to it as well if you want.

The Corporate Beard

Most companies that allow their employees to have a beard recommend them to get the corporate beard. This face hair style is strictly professional and doesn’t allow any kind of stylish cuts. It features medium stubble that is accompanied by a trimmed mustache. You are required to keep the length of the hair in the stubble as even as possible. No hair should be out of place and the hair on the mustache shouldn’t go past the upper lip. Similar to the French beard, the corporate beard is also a very high-maintenance face hair style. You will have to trim the beard frequently or it will go out of shape pretty quickly. On the upside, this beard style suits all types of faces and anyone can wear it with consummate ease.

The Extended Goatee

Goatees are a very classic face hair style. In its original look, a goatee might not be suitable for a businessman. However, the extended goatee can be the perfect fit for a professional look. This facial hairstyle is similar to the French beard in the sense that it joins the beard and the mustache. However, the lines of the goatee are far more refined than that of the French beard. Also, it involves growing hair on the jawline while the sideburns are shaven off. As is the case with other professional face hair styles, the extended goatee demands regular grooming. You have to trim and shape the beard frequently to preserve its sharp and clean cuts. The extended goatee is ideal for managers and bosses and will look great on people with oval or square faces.

The Boxed Beard

If you are looking for something bold and unconventional then the boxed beard is a good face hair style for you. This type of beard will appeal to entrepreneurs who are owners of their business. It features a full beard and a thick mustache. The hair on the edges of the mustache should be allowed to seamlessly mesh with the beard. However, to add a professional touch to it, you can groom the mustache so that its hair doesn’t fall over the upper lip. The beard hair shouldn’t be restricted, though. You can shave the hair on the neck and trim the cheek lines to stop the beard becoming too wild. This face hair style was introduced by Eric Bandholz and for this reason it is also called the Bandholz beard.

In short, businessmen and corporate employees have the right to flaunt their facial hair. There are multiple face hair styles available that allow them to do just that. The corporate beard is the conventional beard style that has been chosen for office workers. For CEOs and people working in upper management, the French beard is a great face hair style because it exudes maturity. Managers and bosses, on the other hand, can shine with the extended goatee. It will make you look professional and elegant at the same time. All of these facial hair styles for businessmen require a lot of grooming. If you are an entrepreneur, you have some room to experiment with your facial hair. The boxed beard is thus a good face hair style for budding entrepreneurs who are challenging the conventional business model and looking to do something new.