Haircuts aren’t usually named after people. However, the Caesar haircut is an exception. The reason for this is that this particular hairstyle was made famous by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. He had this haircut all those years ago and people still follow his hairstyle to this day. Now, the reason why Caesar had this haircut is debatable. Some say it was because he was going bald and tried to hide it by styling his hair forward to cover the front of his forehead. Whether this was true or not is not known for certain. However, there is no denying the fact that the Caesar haircut is the go-to hairstyle for people with early-onset baldness. Here is a look at some modern iterations of the Caesar haircut that you can try.

Modern Caesar Haircut

The classic Caesar haircut is characterized by hair at the forehead in the form of a fringe. However, this modern version of the iconic haircut changes it up a little by styling the hair on the forehead upwards instead of downwards. This way your forehead won’t be hidden and instead would become more visible. To keep it looking like a Caesar haircut, the hair will have to be kept short at the front. While this take on the Caesar hairstyle is not for everyone, it can give you a stylish and bold look. Also, you will need to make use of pomade or hair gel to style the hair in the upward direction this hairstyle requires.

Undercut Caesar Haircut

The undercut is one of the trendiest hairstyles nowadays. It pairs up excellently with the Caesar haircut and creates a fresh look that is sure to get you noticed. To get this haircut right, you will need to keep the length of the hair as short as possible. The undercut is going to enhance the look of the Caesar hairstyle and give it the modern touch that it needs. It is an ideal haircut for people who don’t have voluminous hair and are starting to get a little bald. You can easily hide the receding hairline by adopting this hairstyle. A mustache will go nicely with this haircut too if you are a fan of facial hair.

High Fade Caesar Haircut

Fades never go out of fashion much like the Caesar cut. Combine these two together and you are sure to get a timeless hairstyle. The high fade Caesar haircut is one such haircut. It lets you get a traditional Caesar haircut but only keeps it to the front of the head. The sides and the neck are cut in a high fade style. This means that the sides and the neckline would have much shorter hair than the top. It will direct the focus on the Caesar haircut and make it stand out. Since it is a high fade, the layering of the hair should start from a very high point on the head.

Curly Caesar Haircut

Do you have curly hair? Do you like the Caesar haircut? Well, then you are in luck as the curly Caesar haircut is just what you need. Taming curly hair isn’t easy. You have to keep them short so that they remain manageable. This is why the Caesar haircut is an ideal hairstyle for people with curly hair. It helps them control the unruly curls by keeping them short. Also, the curls provide the Caesar cut the texture that it needs. It’s a win-win scenario that results in a haircut that doesn’t only make you look stylish but also ensures that your curls don’t look like an overgrown bird’s nest.

Long Hair Caesar Haircut

The Caesar haircut is a versatile haircut. Over the years, it has become a lot more flexible. The long hair Caesar haircut is a prime example of this. It defies the traditional concept of the Caesar cut in that it lets you have long hair. The Caesar cut is supposed to be for people with early-onset baldness but these rules don’t apply to the long hair Caesar haircut. It is a relatively newer hairstyle and does come with its unique requirements, though. According to The Trend Spotter, you need to have naturally wavy thick locks if you want to adopt this hairstyle.

There you have it. The Caesar haircut that was made popular by Julius Caesar can now be adopted in a variety of ways. You can have it with short, long, or even curly hair and can combine it with fade and undercut haircuts. The result will always be a stylish haircut that will look both graceful and charming. However, if you wish to get any of the different iterations of the Caesar haircut done right, you will have to find a good barbershop. No ordinary barber will be able to give you the exact Caesar cut you are looking for. The Chop Shop Trenton is one barbershop that can be relied upon for this task. So, book an appointment there today and get the Caesar haircut you want.