Grace Bedell famously said to Abraham Lincoln in a letter that all the ladies like whiskers. Her words ring true to this day. Most women love men with facial hair. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just let your face hair loose. You need to style the hair on your face in the same way you do your regular hair. There are many ways in which you can style your facial hair. You need to pick a face hair style man that suits your face shape. This is important because face hair that doesn’t match your face shape can diminish your personality instead of enhancing it. Here is a look at the best face hair style man for each face shape.

Oval Faces

People with oval faces are very lucky. They have a very symmetrical face and don’t have to balance any of their features when growing a mustache or a beard. In fact, the best face hair style man for oval-shaped people would be to have no facial hair at all. They can go clean shaven and look great. However, if you want to have face hair then you can’t go wrong with a goatee. It is a great facial hair style and would look best on your balanced chin. Make sure that you don’t go overboard with your goatee, though. Keep it nice and trimmed or otherwise it may throw off the facial symmetry you have.

Square Faces

If you have a square face then the rugged lines of your chin are your main concern. You need to choose a face hair style man that softens these lines and makes the chin look rounder. The goatee is the ideal beard style for square faces. However, you need the goatee to be fuller and circular in shape. This would balance your chin and give it a more symmetrical appearance. If you don’t like beards and just want a mustache then you will have to go for an extravagant option like the handlebar mustache. This is important because you want to take the attention off of the chin and direct it somewhere else.

Round Faces

The face hair style man that would suit a round face is the Vandyke beard. Since round-faced people have a shorter chin and wider jawline, they have to emphasize on the lower part of their face. The Vandyke beard does this job admirably and ensures that your face looks longer. You should try to grow out your beard and keep it as pointed and sharp as you can. Aside from the Vandyke beard, a goatee might also work for people with a round face. However, if you want to adopt this face hair style man then you shouldn’t pair it with a mustache. Just grow the goatee over your chin to eliminate the chin’s roundness.

Long Faces

People with long faces have high cheekbones and a wide jawline. Such faces tend to have deep chins as well that form a square at the bottom. The ideal face hair style man for long-faced individual is a chevron mustache. It will divide the face vertically and make it appear shorter than it actually is. If mustaches aren’t your thing then a chinstrap beard would look good on your long face too. However, do remember to keep the beard well-trimmed. You will have to pay extra attention to the facial hair on the jawline and the cheeks as they don’t grow evenly there.

Triangle Faces

Prominent chins are the hallmark of triangle faces. The best face hair style man for people with a triangle face is a full beard. Since the problem area for them is their chins, they have to cover it up with facial hair. However, this doesn’t mean that you grow a hippy beard. You need to constantly trim the beard and keep it well-maintained. It would be best not to let hair grow on the cheeks, though. Another good face hair style man for someone with a triangle face is the five o’ clock shadow. This stubble would cover your entire face and fill up the lower part of your mouth. The five o’ clock shadow demands more upkeep than the full beard, though.

Heart Faces

Heart-faced people have weak chins. This face shape is generally smaller which makes it unsuitable for a beard. Having more facial hair on a heart face will make it appear even smaller. Therefore, a combination of stubble and a slightly thick mustache would be the best face hair style man for people with a heart face. Since you want your chin to become more prominent, it would be a good idea to have more volume of the stubble on the chin than the rest of the face. Aside from accentuating the chin, this would also perform the task of deepening your jawline.