For the last few decades, the major razor company had control over what men were using to shave. But now Men are waking up and are slowly going back to Safety Razor Double Edge. 

And that is because there is a strong believe that the shaving quality is better and you also save money as blades are cheaper, Much Cheaper. Also, it goes with the new trend of Eco-Friendly, while the double edge razors are better for the environment. 

Let’s have a look at why. 

First the safety razor double edge. There are 100’s of razors out there. Here at The Chop Shop, we try to provide you with a wide range of razors depending on your budget and/or taste. 


But beside this fact lets look at what they are.


Safety Razor Double Edge

Safety razors uses double edge blades. The blade is bent in the safety razors and the opening will dictate the Aggressiveness Of The Shaving. This is a fast was of describing the safety razor double edge. 

So, there are many types out there but be aware that there are Non-Adjustable and Adjustable safety razor double edge. 

The non-adjustable are just that. You put the double edge blade inside and screw the razor handle with the plate together and you get what you get. 

On the other hand, the adjustable can be adjusted by either rotating a part or changing a plate. Depending on the model or brand. This will change the angle and opening of the double edge blade which will make the razor more or less aggressive for shaving. 

So, which one’s are better? It’s really a Preference Choice. You won’t know until you try one. 

The rest is really a taste and quality point of view. Some have longer handle or bigger handle etc.


Better Shave

Men say that safety razor double edge provide a better shave. 

I know that for myself I will not go back to the Mach3 I was using before. 

See I started shaving with a Mach3 as a teenager, over 25 years ago, as that is what you would find at the stores. Now I started shaving with a Safety Razor Double Edge and I just love it. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is a learning curve. But once you get it, which is not that long, you’ll find the shaving experience way Better And Cleaner. 

I did cut myself, even in my late 30’s. And I tried many safety razors double edge and find the shaving experience 100 times better than using the Mach3 razor. 

You have to try it to feel it.


Cheaper Blades

I don’t need to tell you that Mach3, Fusion or other cartridges cost is ridiculous. 

They advertise that the more blade the better shave. But in reality, we all know that the first blade does all the work.  And blade 2, 3 and so on are just Scraping The Skin. 

What are we buying, an apparatus containing multiple blades at a cost of 2 to 3 dollars on the time of this writing? 

While a safety razor double edge uses a Double Edge Blade with no plastic at all and it is easier to make. And it cost $0.10 each. For a good one. 

It’s not even comparable. 

You might talk about the Lubricating Strip that they put on those cartridges. 

If you use those cartridges for a few shaves, you’ll notice that it wears off really fast. And then you’re Left With Nothing

On the other hand, the safety razor double edge doesn’t have any lubricating strips and it doesn’t require any because it provides you with a Better Shave as it doesn’t have the extra blades that scraped your skin. 


The Environment And The Safety Razor Double Edge

Not a point sough after too much by men I find. But some might consider it. 

While most, if not all cartridge razors are made of plastic, safety razor double edge are Made Of Metal. So, they are good for a lifetime. 

Even the less expensive one can Last A Lifetime, so that’s way better right there. 

I looked at my drawer the other day only to find 5 Mach3 plastic handles in there. Why? Because it was cheaper to by the handle with a few blades then just a few blades. There’s a major waste right there.

Not to count the plastic wrap that the razor came in with. You know, those wrap that make you swear when you try to open them. 

Here at The Chop Shop we use as little plastic as possible to package our products. Some don’t even have any. 

You get the point. 

The other point is the blades. While the razor cartridge blades go in the garbage, the double edge blades are recyclable. At The Chop Shop we sell Razor Blade Bank where you can store the used one and when its’ full you throw it in the recycle bin. 


So, what will it be for you? 

Every time someone ask me about shaving, I steer them towards a Safety Razor. Just because I know it makes all the difference in the world.

My recommendation is the Eco Safety Razor – The Chop Shop which are an entry line and non-adjustable. They come in many colors so you can pick one that fits you.

I suggest that you learn from the start how to shave using a Safety Razor Double Edge and then select an adjustable safety razor if you want.


Good Luck