Facial hairstyles is considered a mark of masculinity. However, some men like to shave them off while others like to style them. Styling the facial hair isn’t a new trend. It has been going on for centuries. Even in the old days, men used to have mustaches and beards of different styles. Those styles are still in fashion today as well. In fact, the face hair name of many of the styles is the same too. For instance, sideburns that were popular in the 1970s are still known by the same name and haven’t gone out of fashion in some parts of the world. In this post, we will take a look at some of the iconic facial hairstyles and their face hair name that are popular in the world even today.

Mutton Chops Facial Hairstyle

People who enjoy having a lot of facial hair would enjoy the Mutton Chops. This beard style was made famous in the mid 1800s. It resembles the sideburns in many respects as the hair from sides of the face are styled together to meet up with the mustache. The face hair name for this style, the mutton chops, came from its shape as well. If you look from the side it looks as if a piece of mutton is growing out from under the ear. This beard style can be spotted nowadays in adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. Also, Hugh Jackman sported it during his iconic portrayal of Wolverine in the X-men franchise.

Vandyke Beard

Anthony Vandyke was a very famous painter in the 17th century. His paintings and his beard style were both unique. The beard became such a hit with the people that the Vandyke Beard became the face hair name of this style. It features a pointed beard that is kept very short and is limited just to the chin. Accompanying the beard is the upturned mustache which is thick. The Vandyke Beard has been adopted by various celebrities in some form or another throughout history. Pierce Brosnan and Val Kilmer had a variation of the Vandyke Beard for some time and so does Robert Downey Jr. or Iron Man as he is commonly known.

The Facial Hairstyle Goatee

A slightly refined version of the Vandyke Beard is the Goatee. However, it came a lot later in the middle of the 19th century. The face hair name of this style came from an animal, the goat. Goats have a tuft of hair growing out of their chin. Since this beard style had an uncanny likeness to it, people started calling it the goatee. Like any other beard style, the goatee has gone through a lot of changes over the years. In its truest form, the goatee doesn’t have a mustache. However, modern versions of the goatee include a mustache as well that meets up with the beard, forming a rectangle around the lips.

Handlebar Mustache

The most iconic (facial hairstyle) mustache style in the world is the handlebar mustache. The face hair name of this mustache comes from its resemblance to the handlebars of a bicycle. This mustache is thick and has sharp curled edges. Handlebar mustache was made famous first by Salvador Dali, the surrealist artist and then by Hercule Poirot, the fictional Belgian detective. The handlebar mustache is still worn by celebrities and actors in various movie roles. This mustache style is synonymous with power. People who wear them instantly look menacing and a person of authority. This is why many of the people who wear it are either landlords or someone in a position of power.

Horseshoe Mustache

The facial hairstyles name of the horseshoe mustache comes from its likeness to a horseshoe. This mustache style features a thick mustache that grows out from the upper lip, moves down the sides of the mouth in two vertical lines and travels down to the sides of the chin. It doesn’t cover the chin, though. If you look from afar, this mustache would appear as a horseshoe to you. Among the people who have worn the horseshoe mustache, Hulk Hogan is probably the most famous. He has made this face hair name popular and now you see all the bikers wearing it.

Pencil Mustache

It isn’t difficult to see why the pencil mustache was given this face hair name. It features a thin layer of hair just above the upper lip and appears like a line drawn by a pencil. This mustache style has been a popular one among actors of yesteryears. Errol Flynn was among the pioneers of the pencil mustache. Little Richard, the musician, also worn it. Even the eccentric filmmaker, John Waters, was among the famous people who had graced the pencil mustache on their faces. What makes this mustache style unique is that unlike other mustaches, it requires a lot of upkeep. You have to trim it often to maintain its hair volume.