Who said short haircuts were boring? Here are some of the most popular short hairstyles you can get in a Trenton men barbershop. These show that even if you keep your hair closely cropped, there’s still plenty of room to express your personal style.

Fade and/or Taper

As the name suggests, a fade or taper hair cut gradually becomes shorter from top to bottom.  But you can dictate the way it fades.

For example, you can choose where it starts to fade (high, mid or low) and how close it’s cut to the skin. For example, you can stop at 1/8 inch thickness or fade to nearly-bald skin.

There are also some very specific kinds of fade or taper cuts: the burst fate, temple fade, afro fade,  can also be combined with other styles—temple fade, afro fade, burst fade.

Some people also like to combine fade with a hair design, like a few slashes behind the ear or at the nape. Another popular combo is buzz cut and fade for a super clean look, a mid fade with a side part, or as a sleek base for a wild pompadour.


This is one of the most popular men’s haircuts. Both the back and the side is closely clipped or shaven, while the bangs and crown are left long. You can then style this any way you want—keep it slick by combing it back, or create waves with wax or styling gel for a tousled and carefree look.

According to The TrendSpotter, this hair style works really well for men with straight hair, and can be a very stylish option for men with gray hair.

It can also help showcase very wild, curly hair—the clean-cut style will give a dramatic contrast to all your natural texture and volume.

Quiff vs Pompadour

This is a very modern, sexy haircut. Usually, you get a fade on the sides, and your bangs are left medium to long .

For pompadours, the bangs are brought backward. For quiffs, you style your bangs forward. Usually, the barber will cut the bangs to add more texture and volume.

This haircut is best for men with thicker hair, because finer or thinner hair will fall limp or reveal bald spots or thinning. It’s also important to remember that this hairstyle will need more maintenance: more hair products, and more frequent trims.

Crew Cut

This is a classic haircut that looks clean, sleek and is very low maintenance. Crown or hair on the top of the head are cut short, and sides are tapered or cut very short.

This is one of the best haircuts for men who don’t have time for styling or daily maintenance. It is literally wash and wear—and by the time you’ve dressed, your hair will probably be completely dry.

Ivy League

If you like the shape of the crew cut but you want a little bit more length, ask for the Ivy League cut (aka the Princeton or Harvard clip). The hair on top is left a little longer, which will allow you to comb it back or to the side.

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