The fade is one haircut that never goes out of fashion. It is suitable for multiple face types and looks good on both children and adults. This haircut comes in multiple variations so people with any type of hair can use them to look good. Whether you have curly or straight hair, there is a fade haircut available for you. You just have to find out which variation would suit you the most. A good barber can help you with that. The fade haircut has three primary variations. They are the low, middle, and high fade. In this post, we will focus on the fade haircut low and explore the various hairstyles that it can be used in. 

Low Fade Textured Waves

The combination of the low fade with textured waves is a very fashionable one. It gives your hair a modern look while maintaining the neatness associated with the low fade. However, do keep in mind that this hairstyle isn’t easy to achieve. You need to have the right quantity and type of hair on the front. Also, an experienced barber is needed to create the textured waves correctly. You will need a lot of hair product to create the textured waves as well. As for the low fade, the cut is simple enough. The hairs at the neck and the sides will be trimmed as short as possible in steps. The trimming will start from the temples and lead up to the ears.   

Low Fade Quiff

The Quiff is an iconic hairstyle. When paired with the low fade, the Quiff becomes even more stylish and eye-catching. The reason why this fade haircut low is an ideal one is because it highlights the hair on the top. It gives the Quiff the chance to shine as it is supposed to. In this hairstyle as well, the low fade will remain the same. The back and the sides will be cut in layers and kept relatively short. Your barber should start the layering from the temples and then continue till the ears. However, since the Quiff can elongate a person’s face, it is better to keep some length on the sides. According to The Trend Spotter, doing this would ensure that your head doesn’t appear too slim.  

Slicked Back Low Fade 

The great aspect of the low fade is that it brings the hair on the top into sharp focus. This allows you to play around with your hair and style it the way you want. Because of this very reason, the slicked back hairstyle is an ideal choice to go along with the low fade. It will give you a suave and sophisticated look that is sure to get your noticed. Now, there are some perquisites for this hairstyle. For starters, you need to have a good crop of hair on the top. Ask you barber to do a conventional low fade with trimmed sides and back and leave a considerable length of hair on the top. You can slick back the hair on top with a hair gel to complete the look.  

Undercut Low Fade

The fade haircut low is arguably one of the most versatile haircuts for men. You can combine it with just about any hairstyle and still look great. The undercut is just another example of this. On its own, the undercut is a very niche haircut that is suitable primarily for people with straight hair. However, when you combine it with the low fade, it becomes a hairstyle that will look good on almost anyone. That being said, this variation of the low fade is slightly complex. To get this hairstyle right, your barber will have to separate your hair into three sections. The hair on the top will be left long while the ears and temples will receive the fade haircut. The third section will be the undercut just below the crown.    

Low Fade Crew Cut  

One of the favorite haircuts of the people in the military is the crew cut. It is even popular among people who don’t like complex hairstyles. However, the crew cut is a very dated haircut that isn’t considered very fashionable. You can change that by combining the crew cut with a low fade. The tapered sides and neck will give the crew cut a new and modern look. However, there is one caveat with this hairstyle. You will need regular visits to the barbershop to maintain your look. Even a little extra hair can alter your hairstyle and change your look completely. 

In short, the fade haircut low is among the most adaptable haircuts for men. You can use it in combination with numerous hairstyles and give yourself a fresh new look every time. The Chop Shop is a barbershop in Trenton that specializes in haircuts for men. Visit them for all your haircutting needs and be amazed at what they can do with your hair.