Fade haircut for men are among the few haircut types that have passed the test of time. This haircut has been able to adapt and reinvent itself through the decades. Also it has remained a favorite for men of all ethnicities and ages.

The reason why the fade haircut has managed to transcend time is because it comes in a variety of styles. Although it was considered to be an ideal haircut for people with short hair, it has now become the perfect fit even for long-haired people.

This change has been made possible due to the emergence of new variations. Like the mid and the high fade. So, what iteration of the fade haircut would look good on you? Let’s find out.


The Low Fade

The low fade can be characterized as the oldest and the most iconic type of the fade haircut. It involves cutting the hair at the sides and the neck shorter while keeping the hair on the top intact. The sideburns and the neckline are cut in a tapered style using hair clippers. However, the major difference between a taper and a fade is that there are no hairs left on the sides and the neck in the low fade and the scalp appears towards the end.

The hairline is kept relatively low in this version of the fade haircut. Hence it gets the name the low fade. You will see the hair blending in with the scalp just above your ears and neckline.

The low fade is ideal for many people but since it is a conservative haircut, the businessmen usually prefer it more. So, if you are a business professional then the low fade is just the haircut you want.

You can combine the low fade with a variety of other modern hairstyles. For instance, you can style the hair on the top in a quiff or a pompadour or even a faux hawk. According to Men’s Hairstyles Today, the low fade also complements beards too.

If you love some facial hair on your face, then you should choose this variation of the fade haircut.

The Mid Fade

To be perfectly honest, there isn’t much of a difference in between a low fade and a mid fade. The only change is the starting point of the fade. While for the low fade the blending of the hair and the skin starts above your ears, in the mid fade it starts a bit higher than that.

Apart from this, the details of the cut are the same. The hair on the top can be kept short or long as per your choice. You can decide whether you want a gradual tapering of the hair on your sides and back or a sharp one.

Just like the low fade, the mid fade allows you to style your top hair in a variety of ways. The slicked back hairstyle is an excellent and classy choice in this regard.

Most barbers consider the mid fade to be the perfect compromise between a high and a low fade. This variation of the fade haircut can be used in both casual and business settings. So, whether you work in a corporate environment or are looking for a slightly edgier look, the mid fade is the ideal choice for you.

The High Fade

The high fade is the most modern and the edgiest of the fade haircut for men. It starts the tapered cutting of the hair from higher up on the head and sets the hairline way higher than it actually is. You will see a lot of skin showing on the side and the neck in this variation of the fade haircut.

This is done primarily to shift the focus onto the top of the head. You will have to pick a hairstyle for the hair on the top very carefully when going for this type of haircut. If the hairstyle you choose doesn’t go well with your face shape, it would standout even more due to the high fade.

Since the high fade put extra emphasis on your hairstyle, you should take the time to decide which style will suit your hair and face shape. For instance, if you have short hair and square face, the faux hawk is an ideal hairstyle for you that will complement the high fade perfectly.

So, you see, the fade haircut has many variations. This is why it is among the most popular haircuts in the world. However, do remember that the fade haircut requires precision and a good understanding of how to use the clippers. An inexperienced barber could easily botch the cut and fail to give you the cut your need.

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