Hairstyles have a major impact on the appearance of any individual. Your entire vibe can be defined by your hairstyle and therefore, it is important that you ensure that you keep a hairstyle that helps you communicate your personality effectively. While long hairs look attractive, there are many men who are either plagued with slow hair growth or just don’t have the facial features to carry a longer hairstyle. The buzz cut is usually the best option for such men. The buzz cut is also easier to manage as well. The fact that there are many cool and trendy buzz cut men hairstyles ensures that you can also make a definitive statement by carrying this hairstyle. We will discuss some of the trendiest buzz cut men hairstyles and the facial features that will be most suitable for them!

Caesar Buzz Cut

The Caesar Buzz Cut is a classic buzz cut suitable for men who want slightly longer hair. The look is usually best suited if you want to give the good and innocent guy vibes. The barber would need to use a higher guard in order to give you the Caesar buzz cut so that you can get the right amount of hair to pull off the look perfectly. According to Haircut Inspiration, the length of the hair for a Caesar buzz cut can be up to three inches though usually men prefer the hair length to be around one inch with this hairstyle.

Since the hair are slightly longer in the Caesar buzz cut, you will also have to work a bit in order to maintain them correctly. The best way to keep the Caesar look is brush your hair and blow dry them in a forward direction. This would help cement the look until it is time for the next haircut.

Faded Buzz Cut

The military induction cut is still pretty popular but the cut that is now considered trendier and is a fresher take on the same buzz cut i.e. the faded buzz cut. The faded buzz cut is slightly less extreme as compared to the military induction buzz cut and gives you some more hair to work with. The barber would need to be on his toes as the hair length difference is not much between the two buzz cuts. The dimensions of your head would define the look of the fade and therefore, you would be advised to tell your barber to be a bit more subtle with the razor. The faded buzz cut usually leaves nothing around the ears and leaves a tidy and clean look with very short length hair at the center and up top. The faded buzz cut is recommended for individuals who have a smooth skin with not many scars or cuts as the skin is certainly on display to a certain extent.

Crew Buzz Cut

The Crew buzz cut is definitely one of the cleanest buzz cut hairstyles. It is also the most grounded in terms of the vibes it gives. The look is suitable for all kinds of situations and works well for men who work in the corporate world and want to give a look that shows that they mean business. The crew buzz cut is usually also the way to go for men with bigger foreheads as there is allowance for more hair at the front of the head with the crew buzz cut. While the barber definitely has a role to play in the crew buzz cut, it is important that you style it well so that the hairstyle stays the same throughout. A small touch of pomade should do the trick in order to keep the hair in place around the front of your head.

Textured Buzz Cut

The textured crop buzz cut is one of the trendiest and hip looks and is definitely one to try in 2021. The textured buzz cut has a very cool vibe with the very short hair at the sides and the back complementing the slightly higher hair length at the top. The hair length at the top should be left enough that a small-ish spike can be created with the hair usually kept in a forward direction. The textured buzz cut can be made more stylish with a side pattern that distinguishes the side fade with the hair at the front. The hairstyle can be carried with both a clean shave and a light beard depending on your own preferences.

The buzz cut has evolved over the years and is definitely a great option for men with shorter hair who want to make a statement in 2021. The styles mentioned in the guide all look trendy and exquisite though you must take care and choose the right hairstyle for your facial features. This is more important since the buzz cut puts your face at the center of the attention. Choosing the right hairstyle and then finding the right barber who can adapt the hairstyle as per your requirements are both tricky propositions. A fine barbershop can help you with both with Chop Shop certainly a good choice. You can book an appointment right away with their website and get the buzz cut men hairstyle you like the most!