Usually shaving is reserved for the face, the legs, or the arms. You never shave your head unless you want a buzz cut. But, what if you were to shave only segments of the head and style the remaining hair? Would this shaving hairstyle look good on you? In the past, these hairstyles have been adopted mostly by punks. However, things are changing. While these haircuts are becoming more popular and trendy, they are still considered a bold choice as you are going for something unexpected and different from the norm. In this post, we will take a look at some of these hairstyles and try to pick the best shaving hairstyle among them.

Long Hair with Half Shaved Head

For women that have long hair, a good shaving hairstyle would one that lets them flaunt their long hair. A half shaven head is just the right combination for your long hair. It allows you to shift the focus on to the long hair and make them more prominent. The shaved side of the head makes the look both bold and sexy. You can wear the hair all on one side of the head to leave the shaved part exposed. However, you can also hide it if you want by covering it with the long hair from the other half of your head. This shaving hairstyle is well-suited only for women with long hair, though.  

Shaved Side with a Short Bob

If you have short hair then a good shaved hairstyle choice for you would be a short bob with a shaved side. The bob in this shaving hairstyle would be asymmetrical as only one side of the head would be shaved. It would look more daring and bold but also mesmerizing. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t have any restrictions. Women with both short and long hair can easily wear it. Moreover, it goes with any color of hair too. So, whether you are a red head, a ginger, or a blonde, you can easily rock this shaving hairstyle and make others jealous.  

Coloured Mohawk

Mohawks are a favourite of the men and this hairstyle is used quite regularly by them to show off their masculinity. However, this shaving hairstyle doesn’t have a gender-bias. It looks as good on females as it does on men. You can make the Mohawk your own and give it a feminine touch by adding colour to it. For instance, a pink Mohawk would look particularly enchanting on women during the summers. Usually a Mohawk requires you to shave both the sides of your head and only let a small portion of the hair in the middle to remain. You can do the same or allow a smidge more hair to remain in the center. Either way, this shaving hairstyle is sure to make heads turn in your direction.

Short Curly Hair with Shaved Sides

Women with curly hair can also rock shaved hairstyles. Now, curls are notoriously difficult to style. But, you can get them under control by cutting them real short. With the short curly hair, shaved sides would look amazing. However, to make yourself stand out, don’t just shave the sides of the head completely. Instead, shave the sides in the shape of tramlines. This design would elevate the hairstyle a lot more and take the attention away from the messy curls on top. While this shaving hairstyle would undoubtedly look great on you, it would require a lot of maintenance. You will have to continue shaving the sides to keep the tramline design.  

Braided Mohawk

The Mohawk can be styled in a variety of different ways. The versatility of this shaving hairstyle is what makes it so appealing to men and women both. We earlier suggested the coloured Mohawk which is an excellent hairstyle for summers. Another Mohawk style that would look great on women with long hair is the braided Mohawk. This type of Mohawk would feature a braided design on the sides of the mane in the middle of the head. It won’t be easy to achieve this hairstyle as it would take a lot of effort and time to pull it off. Now, it isn’t a shaving hairstyle for everyone but you can’t deny how cool it would look.

Top Knot with Shaved Sides

Don’t have the time to style the hair into a braid? Don’t worry we have a simple shaving hairstyle for you too. The top knot with shaved sides is one of the simplest yet edgiest shaved hairstyles you would come across. It features a top knot that pulls all of the hair on the top into a messy bun. You can complete the look by shaving the sides of the head. Now, it is up to you to decide how much of the sides you want to shave. Just make sure that you shave evenly on both sides of the head. The beauty of this shaving hairstyle is that it doesn’t take a lot of work to pull off.