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Trenton Buzz Cut


Getting the perfect Trenton buzz cut is a whole lot easier when you’re relying on the barbers at the Chop Shop Trenton.

One of the best barbershops in all of Trenton, Ontario. You’re in the best of hands when you come in for a quick buzz or something a little more involved. Be ahead of an important meeting, a date, or a special event.

A quick, clean-cut that looks fantastic (especially when it is shaped correctly). If you want the best Trenton short haircut around you want to make a reservation at the Chop Shop Trenton ASAP.

The Buzz Cut That Works Best for You

Finding the right Trenton buzz cut is a lot more involved than telling your barber to break out a number two guard and go to town.

Sure, some of the best Trenton fast haircut options out there are “Boot Camp” style buzz cuts that bring your hair right down to your scalp. But other buzz cuts and Trenton crew cut options are a little more modern. They can be little more stylish, and a little more “fashion forward”.

  • Short

  • Fast

  • Clean Look

Trenton Short Haircut

There is many length options available for a buzz cut you’ll want to consider. But with the help of your Chop Shop Trenton barber you’ll find the look you’re looking for.

We’ll make sure that the buzz cut you go with works perfectly with your face shape and your sense of style. Giving you a cut that helps you look your very best every day!

Tight, Clean, and Perfectly Lined Up

The number one reason so many people choose the Chop Shop Trenton for a buzz cut is because of our reputation for excellence.

Your buzz cut is going to be tight, super clean, and perfectly lined up – never loose, never sloppy, and with no stray hairs poking out here and there (and definitely no patches!).

To schedule an appointment for a buzz cut just give us a call today and we will pencil you in.