Shaving is an important part of male grooming. If you have facial hair, you would have to shave in some capacity to give them the shape you like. Shaving involves using a sharp blade that might cause you cuts. If you want to avoid such instances then you should invest in a safety razor kit. These kits contain all the items needed for a safe and clean shave. There are multiple types of safety razor kits available in the market. All of them have a basic set of shaving gear along with some extras. This post is dedicated to finding out what you are going to find in a safety razor kit.

Safety Razor

All safety razor kits have one thing in common. It is the safety razor. This razor is different from the cartridge razors that you find nowadays. These razors are built for safety and allow novices to learn how to shave. A safety razor doesn’t have a blade pre-installed in it. You will have to put the blades inside it. These blades usually accompany the razor in the safety razor kit. Putting the blade inside the safety razor isn’t that difficult. You just have to open it up and placing the blade in between its top and bottom plates. Each safety razor has a sturdy handle as well that you can grip while shaving.

Double Edge Safety Razor Ebony With Stand And 20 Blades Set

Double Edge Safety Razor Ebony With Stand And 20 Blades Set

What makes the safety razor safe to use is that it only has one blade touching your skin at a time. The cartridge razors, on the other hand, have multiple blades in contact with the skin during shaving. This is why safety razors are less likely to leave a cut on your face. A safety razor kit usually contains a single edge or a double edge safety razor. The single edge safety razor can only be used from a single side. Because of having two edges on either side, you can use the double edge safety razor from both sides.


Shaving Brush

Safety razor kits are incomplete without a shaving brush. You will find at least one in each of them. This brush is used for the purpose of lathering the soap on the face. The feathers of the brush are usually soft and apply the soap evenly on the facial hair. Each safety razor kit offers its own version of the shaving brush. However, they all work in the same manner. The only difference is in the material of the handle and the softness of the feathers. A good wet shave doesn’t just depend on a good razor but also needs a good shaving brush.

Shaving Soap

You won’t find shaving creams or foams in safety razor kits. Instead, you will get a shaving soap. This soap is composed of a variety of skincare ingredients. It gives off a soothing fragrance and leaves your skin feeling refreshed after a shave. The quality of a safety razor kit can be determined by the shaving soap it offers you. If the soap isn’t of a good quality and doesn’t have a nice fragrance then it isn’t a good option for you. Wet shaving heavily relies on the shaving soap. So, make sure that you only purchase that kit which is offering you a shaving soap of a high quality.


Among the core items you will find in most safety razor kits, the blades are probably the most important. You won’t be able to shave at all without them. There is more than one brand of blades available in a safety razor kit. You can pick and choose between the different brands provided to you and see which of them suits you best. The reason why you are offered multiple blades is because you will have to continuously replace the blades into your safety razor. It is a good idea to stop using a blade after six to seven shaves.

Aftershave Balm

Safety razor kits sometimes come with additional items too. One of the most common additional items you will find in them is an aftershave balm. This product is included in the safety razor kit to help soothe the skin after a shave. You will have to apply the aftershave balm on your skin after every shave. It might cause some skin irritation at first but it will stop the bacteria from getting into the pores of the skin. You should use aftershave as it will prevent breakouts and also accelerate the healing of the skin after a shave.

Safety razor kit is a good gift item for anyone who is about to start shaving. It provides them the complete set of tools that they would need to do a wet shave. The safety razor in the kit will help them shave without getting any cuts while the soap will ensure that they have refreshed and glowing skin after they are done shaving.