If you have been shaving for a while, you must be aware of the debate between safety razor and cartridge razors. Both these razors are used for shaving purposes but it is difficult to decide which one is the between them. On the face of it, the only winner in the safety razor Vs cartridge battle is the cartridge razor. It is easily available and extremely popular among the people. Most men start shaving with a cartridge razor and continue using it throughout their life. However, safety razors aren’t that far behind. In fact, they provide a much better shaving experience than the cartridge razors. In this post, we will be dissecting the features and benefits of both razors to finally find end the safety razor Vs cartridge debate.



The primary concern of the person using the razor is safety. No one wants to have cuts and bumps on their faces after a shave. So, safety is the first aspect we will look at in our safety razor Vs cartridge contest. The safety razor excels in this department. It only has a single blade that will be touching the skin while shaving. The safety razor can provide a clean and safe shave to you without causing any nicks or cuts. Cartridge razor falls slightly short when it comes to safety. They have multiple blades on each cartridge ranging from 3-5. They can cause razor burn since they remove the top layer of skin along with the hair. Thus, the first round of the safety razor Vs cartridge fight goes to the safety razor.

Shaving Quality

Apart from safety, the quality of the shave is also a significant factor. If the razor isn’t able to provide a good shave to you then its safety features are of no use to you. So, shaving quality will be the second aspect on which the safety razor Vs cartridge debate will be judged. You might think that cartridge razors with multiple blades can provide a better quality shave to you. However, this isn’t the case. The blades of the cartridge razors aren’t that sharp and don’t cut the hair at a proper angle too. The single blade in the safety razor can provide a closer shave because it offers you the freedom to determine the shaving angle of the blade. Thus, safety razor is the winner of the second round in the safety razor Vs cartridge contest.


Price is another important factor when it comes to buying a razor. By rule of thumb, the razor that is available for the lowest price is considered better. If we go by this rule then the third round of the safety razor Vs cartridge fight will go to the cartridge razor. This is because the cartridge razor is available for a very cheap price. However, it might look that way at first glance but when you consider the long-term price of both then you will see that the safety razor is more economical. The prices of the cartridges and the blades are poles apart. A spare cartridge will cost you much more than a stack of blades for a safety razor. So, safety razor wins the third round of the safety razor Vs cartridge contest too.

Environmental Friendliness

In today’s day and age, environmental friendliness is also a factor that most people consider when buying anything. Razors are no different. So, we will consider the environment friendliness of both razors as the fourth aspect in judging the winner of the safety razor Vs cartridge fight. The blades used in the safety razor are made using stainless steel and thus, they can be recycled very easily. This isn’t the same for cartridge razors, though. Any cartridges that you waste won’t get recycled because they are made using both plastic and metal. No recycling plant is equipped to handle them so they will most likely be sent to a landfill. Thus, the safety razor comes out on top in the fourth round of the safety razor Vs cartridge fight as well.


No matter how good a razor is if it isn’t available near you then you can’t use it for shaving. So, availability will be the fifth and final aspect we will consider to determine the winner of the safety razor Vs cartridge contest. There is no question that when it comes to availability, the cartridge razor wins hands down. It is readily available at every drugstores and shopping mall. However, safety razors aren’t that rare either. You might not see them in every shop but you can buy them online with consummate ease. If you are having difficulty finding safety razors then you can visit the Chop Shop in Trenton too. That being said, the fifth round of the safety razor Vs cartridge fight would go to cartridge.

To summarize it all, the safety razor is better in terms of safety, shaving quality, price, and environmental friendliness. The only aspect in which the cartridge razor is better is availability. So, the obvious winner of the safety razor Vs cartridge debate is the safety razor.