Everyone will have the same needs, shave their beard. But the way to achieve this will vary so widely. From the young adult who has no money and buys the cheap disposable 2 blades razor to the retired CEO with the most expensive Luxury Safety Razor. There is an evolution in the way we shave with the experience we gain as we get older and have a bit more money.

Today we’ll focus on How To Use The Luxury Razor In Your Bathroom. Beside shaving. Some that most people won’t think about. They can be 3, 5 Blade or Double Edge Safety Razor, all of which are the most commons Luxury Razor.

We learn to shave on our own or maybe our dad toughs us. But in a man’s life there is path and this Path Evolves Very Slowly as he gets older. Teenager, college/university, first career job lower level, management position, retired, older generation. These are just a quick break down of someone life to determine their shaving needs.

Every man has their own shaving routine. Well from the men evolution that we quickly saw a Luxury Razor is could help someone to Jump From One Category To The Next One.

The principle goes like this.

One of the first thing we do in the morning is shaving. Some have a shower, some will go for a run etc. But normally most people will shave before going to work and this will be one of the first thing we do In The Morning.

The idea is to start your day on the right track with the right vision in mind, the Vision Of Success vs the idea of failure or cheap items.

If, once you go in your bathroom, you look at a cheap disposable plastic 3 blade razor laying on your bathroom vanity, your day will resemble just that. Cheap cloths, old car, poor job, poor vision of the future, no way out etc.

I’m not saying that by changing your razor you’ll be driving in a Ferrari.

But the idea is just that You Are Who You Hang Out With. Also know as You Are The Average Of Your 5 Best Friends. Same principle here, Surround Yourself With Success and success will come.

You make yourself presentable using the best Razor hence You Will Shine and have confidence.

This is a starting point and one of the best starting point as you start your day with it. From the start of the day, you put the idea in your head that You Are Better than the guy using the disposable razor, from the morning you can see and consciously and unconsciously set your mindset towards the one of a winner. From the morning you start to make winner decision and it will set the tone for the day.

This is a mindset and it will not work with everyone but it does help the ones that put their minds into it. The good thing about it is that you decide what the next “step” is. Maybe a $20 Safety Razor will do it for you for 20 years. Or maybe you’ll want to jump to something more personalize right away. You Set The Tone.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a personal piece and not something that a lot of people will see normally. So depending on your situation the actual Luxury Razor selection Might Need Attention.

Depending on your house set-up you may want to take This Into Consideration also. If you tuck it inside a drawer no one should see it but if you use it as an accent piece then you may need to choose something of choice.

A piece that will reflect a message you or your company is trying to send. This is only one small piece in a big puzzle but it to be carefully selected. You want it to draw eye and it might make a conversation subject, if Selected Wisely.

You might be trying to Impress Someone also, weather for business or personal reason at your home, and if you only have one bathroom, you’ll have no choice but to show it to your prospect. And again, this is a personal piece for a man, so think about the message you’re sending with your Luxury Razor and Stand if you have one. You may not like or want to use it but just have it there as a decoration piece also to complement your bathroom.

Decoration Piece. Some have bathroom that they want to decorate for many reasons. Guest bathroom, selling a house, personal bathroom that just needs an accent piece etc.

The Luxury Double Edge Safety Razor can bring can bring an accent touch to a room that will bring it to life. A single razor on a stand or with a shaving brush will give to the viewer an experience of an action that could be happening or a moment that they remembered. Touching someone’s emotion’s goes a long way when trying to impress or sell something.

It can bring the colors of the paint or other objects together. And it will demonstrate that this room and the person, owner etc Takes Care Of Themselves on so many levels.

The two methods describe above would be used with a razor stand. A stand that complements the Luxury Razor. The accessories can include a shaving brush and a shaving bowl also depending on the setting. But at a Minimum A Razor Stand And A Luxury Razor. The Luxury Razor can be a Double Edge Safety Razor, 3 Blade or 5 Blade Razor. These are the most common one out there so you can easily find one that will meet your needs.

There Are No Needs to use the Luxury Razor if your bathroom is not in order, your house is a mess and so on. The aim here like I mentioned earlier is to help your mindset and if your general mindset is not in the right place then you need to focus your energy and money elsewhere first.

If you are Perfectly Happy with your what you’re currently using. By all means if you like change go ahead and try one but if you’ve been using the same 3 blade razor forever and you love it then keep it. Same thing goes for pens, some people are happy with a pen found at the hotel and other wants the luxury one with their name on it with fancy ink etc.

We saw how a simple Luxury Razor can change a life and with the invention of plastic, razors have changed dramatically like every other product. But Plastic Causes Problems to the environments and here, at The Chop Shop, we are trying to do our part.  

We have Affordable Metal Safety Razor you can last a life time, so don’t worry we have you covered as they can be purchased by everyone. They don’t use plastic and can be recycled as well as the blades.

Here is a few samples of what you can use.

Luxury Double Edge Safety Razor – Mahogany handle














3 Blade Ebony Front

Luxury 5 Blade Razor – Sandalwood Handle

5 Blade Sandalwood Front