Can you get result with a Women Safety Razor? The answers is Yes.

We have you cover girl.

For too long the shaving company took advantage of you and sold you what you didn’t need. We’re back where we were before and with better products also.

Razors have evolved slightly overtime but the look hasn’t changed much. The safety razors are also Eco-Friendly, Long-lasting, good accent piece and easy to use.

Safety Razors, also known as Double Edge Safety Razor uses a Double Edge Blade. Each blade will last between 5 to 8 shaving depending on your hair type. And each blade are extremely cheap compared to cartridge blades. It’s Not Even Comparable.

For these reason and more lots or women’s are Switching Back To Safety Razors. Makes sense, save the environment, save your wallet and get a good close shave on any part of your body also. It’s a win-win all around.

Just like anything there will be a learning curve. But luckily the Safety Razors have changed in a way to make it safer and easier.


The Rockwell Razors line are either not adjustable or are adjustable and are risk free. You can easily pick one up and you’ll be shaving like a pro in minutes time.

Their fully Adjustable Safety Razors uses simple plates that you changes to change how aggressive you want it to be. You start with plate number 1 which is the safer one and if you need more aggressive then you move to 2 then 3 and so on up to plate number 6.

They also have a Butterfly Safety Razor called the Rookie R1. Which is their entry level and is used for beginners and is non-adjustable.

They also have a Safety Razors called R2C that has only 2 settings.

The Chop Shop

At The Chop Shop we have a few Women Safety Razor. Actually they can all be used by women but we have a style that is more in line with what our clientele wants. They come is different colors green, pink, silver, rose gold and black. So you can find something that will go with what you currently have in your bathroom.

Some other Safety Razors that we carry are more of a learning curve. But once you get the feel of it you’ll be shaving like a pro in no time. And with better result than any cartridge razor. The idea is to not going too fast when first starting.

The idea with any Women Safety Razor is to let the razor and the Double Edge Blade do most of the work. Don’t Put Pressure On It, pull too hard etc. Let the weight of the razor do most of the work. Don’t do long stroke while shaving. Do an inch at a time, reset the position and do another inch an so on.

Start with the razor at 90 degree to your let. The top of it against your skin. Rotate it slowly and try shaving. At first it won’t cut at all. But the more you rotate it the more it will cut so Gradually Rotate it and at some point you’ll feel it cutting. And that’s the angle you need, when it just start cutting and slightly more but not much.

Too much angle and you won’t like it so go slow and with a small angle. You’ll fine your Perfect Angle the more you do it.

Clean the blade under warm running water once in a while. When you’re done clean it all and store it away. Change the blade as require but don’t wait too long. 5 to 8 shaves.

That’s it really. The rest is the same as with a cartridge razor. Choose your shaving soap/gel/oil etc and apply and once your done clean yourself.

Some area that are hard to reach might need more work but it would be the case with any razors anyway. So just try from a different angle and eventually you’ll be able to get it.


Start your journey shaving with a Women Safety Razor today and Save The Planet and your wallet.