Your hair has a lot of say in your overall look. A new haircut can transform your personality and make you look more attractive. This is why you should always look to get the best face haircuts. However, getting the perfect haircut is easier said than done. There are a number of factors that determine which haircut would suit your face. For instance, your face shape decides what type of haircuts would look good on you. Similarly, the texture and volume of hair also play a major role in choosing a haircut. The choice of salon or barbershop is also important when it comes to getting the best face haircuts. In this post, we will examine all these factors and try to ascertain how you can get the best face haircut.

Know Your Face Shape

Before figuring out which haircut would be best for you, it is important for you to know the shape of your face. You might have the best face haircuts but if they don’t match your face shape, they won’t enhance your appearance. So, your first priority should be to measure the different proportions of your face and determine your face shape. Faces come in many shapes and it isn’t difficult to identify which shape your face belongs to. Here is a look at the seven primary face shapes and the best face haircuts for each of them.

  • Round

A wide hairline and full cheekbones are the highlight features of a round face. Since this kind of face is short, the haircut has to be such that adds length to it and makes it appear longer. Thus, the best face haircuts for round faces are side swept bangs accompanied with long layers.

  • Oval

Oval faces are the most proportionate of all. They have wider cheekbones and a narrowed jaw. Because of its proportionality, any haircut would look great on an oval face. The best face haircuts for oval faces should try to accentuate their chins, lips, or cheekbones. So, adding layers there is the way to go.   

  • Square

A powerful and angular jawline and a wide hairline are the characteristics of a square face. This type of face requires haircuts that can add height on top. Therefore, the best face haircuts for square faces should have soft bangs, deep side parts, and longer length hair.    

  • Diamond

Diamond faces have wide cheekbones but their chins and foreheads are quite narrow. Since this face type is a bit long, the haircut should try to shorten it up a bit. Thus, the best face haircuts for square faces include a bob and straight bangs.  

  • Oblong

Owing to the narrow bone structure, the oblong faces appear longer than other face shapes. This kind of face doesn’t need to look any longer so longer hair won’t be suitable. The best face haircuts for people with oblong faces should be shorter in length with shorter layers and curls.     

  • Heart 

Heart faces have wide foreheads but their chins are very narrow. People with such face shapes should look to have a haircut that adds weight to the chin while minimizing the forehead’s width. The best face haircuts for a heart face are side swept bangs accompanied by layers around the jaw.  

  • Pear

People with pear or triangular faces have a large jawline but a narrow forehead. This face type needs volume at the top to account for the narrow forehead and some way to minimize the jawline’s prominence. The best face haircuts for pear faces can be either long or short but with more volume at the top. 

Read Magazines to Know about Latest Fashion Trends

Fashion trends come and go quickly. A haircut that might be in fashion a few weeks ago might become obsolete in a matter of days. So, you need to make sure that you know latest fashion trends to find the best face haircuts. Fashion magazines are the best source for this. You can read them up to look at what hairstyle is currently in fashion. Aside from magazines, there are websites on the internet and fashion blogs that cover this subject extensively. You can get great ideas about best face haircuts from there as well.   

Choose Your Salon Carefully

You might know your face shape and have a good haircut in mind but if you don’t pick the right salon, it will all be for nothing. Your barber or hairstylist should be experienced and talented enough to provide you with the best face haircuts. If they lack the knowledge or the expertise to pull of the haircut you need then you will end up having a bad haircut. So, make sure that you do your research before choosing a salon. The Chop Shop in Trenton is an excellent salon that employs experienced hairstylists. You can go there to get the best face haircuts.