Toronto has some of the best barbershops in the country. You can have your hair cut and beards trimmed there for a very affordable price. However, some barbershops are better than others. They have more experienced barbers working for them and provide entertainment for the customers who are waiting for their turn. You will feel more relaxed when going to these barbershops. Still, selecting a barbershop is a personal choice. You should decide for yourself whether you like the environment and the barbers before making a decision. There are many ways of determining whether a barbershop is a good fit for you or not. In this post, we will explore the various Toronto barbershops. Read on to find out our pick for the best barbershop in Toronto.

Fade Room

If you like vintage barbershops then you will find the Fade Room to your liking. Stepping into this Toronto barbershop is like taking a trip down memory lane. You will be seated in Koken barber chairs here that were used in the 1800s. Despite the old setting, the Fade Room opened its doors to the public fairly recently in 2017. The biggest draw of this barbershop is the hot towel straight razor shaves they offer. Their team of experienced barbers is capable of giving you classic haircuts dating back to the 1920s. The owner of this barbershop is Claudio Ferreira uses his own creation, the Ferreira Signature Line, for styling men’s hair at his barbershop.

Bruno Rosales Salon Pour Hommes

For people who want a relaxing atmosphere when getting a haircut or a shave, there is no better barbershop in Toronto than the Bruno Rosales Salon Pour Hommes. It showcases art pieces from local artists, lets you listen to soothing music, and displays floral compositions. All of this is done to provide the customers the same experience they will find in a luxury salon in Paris or New York. The ambience isn’t the only thing that you get in this barbershop, though. You can get haircuts, hot towel shaves, and even facials and massages here. There is even an annual membership available for people who need frequent haircuts.

The Fitting Room

The Fitting Room is another excellent Toronto barbershop that has been offering its grooming and hairstyling services since 2014. This barbershop is unique in the sense that it has its own lounge shop. You can buy all sorts of items from there for your hairstyling needs. This shop even offers clothing items as well to change your appearance to match your fresh new cut. The founders of this barbershop wanted to provide a complete transformation experience to their clients. They have managed to do that quite successfully as their customers always leave happy and never stop coming back to them.

Crows Nest Barbershop

For people who enjoy having some liquor while they wait for their haircut, the Crows Next Barbershop is a heaven. It is one of the oldest barbershops in Toronto that was established way back in 2010. They have had rapid growth, though. In the last decade, the Crows Nest Barbershop has opened outlets in various cities all over Canada. While the liquor is one of the biggest draws of this barbershop, the thing that makes the customers continue to return is the quality of the haircutting. The barbers here don’t compromise on quality and give you the best haircut and shave every time.

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl holds the title of being the oldest barbershop in Toronto. The first barbershop of the brand was founded in the year 1940. They have managed to keep the retro feel of their barbershops alive to this day. The interior décor is kept simple and reminds you of a bygone era. Their walls have portraits of Humphrey Bogart and Errol Flynn on them. You will get haircuts of every kind here that are accompanied by hot towel shaves, and beard trims. There is a Pepsi fridge available too if you need a drink while waiting for your turn.

Throne Barbershop

If you really want to pamper yourself and get the treatment afforded to kings then you should go to the Throne Barbershop. This barbershop in Toronto has a name that fits the services it offers. They have been providing expert haircutting services to sports stars for many years. You will be treated like royalty here too. The barbers at the Throne Barbershop specialize in lineups and fades or all kinds. You can ask them any haircut of a particular sportsman you like and they will get you that haircut without missing a beat. The ambiance and environment of this barbershop is also very top-notch and you will feel completely at home here.

All of the above-mentioned can claim the title for being the best barbershop in Toronto. However, if you are looking for the best barbershop that offers the finest haircuts and shaves then you will have to look for it in Trenton. The Chop Shop is located in Trenton and is the best place in all of Canada to get a haircut and shave. So, don’t waste time and book your appointment at their website today.