Popular Mustache and Beard Styles


Facial hair play a prominent role when it comes to a man’s looks. A well-trimmed beard or a mustache can give a face a dignified appearance. You can use the mustache and beard for highlighting or filling up features of your face too. There are various styles of beards and [...]

Popular Mustache and Beard Styles2022-04-25T11:02:42-04:00

Top 5 Characteristics of a Cutting Edge Salon


The best place to get a good haircut or a close shave is the salon. You can find many great salons in Canada. They offer a lot of great services and can help you look your best. However, if you are looking for a cutting edge salon, you will have [...]

Top 5 Characteristics of a Cutting Edge Salon2022-04-25T10:54:20-04:00

Tips on Using Safety Razor Men


When it comes to shaving, there is nothing better than the safety razor men. It can give you a close, safe, and luxurious shave without causing any cuts, nicks, or skin irritation. However, people are still afraid of using a safety razor because of the many misconceptions they have about [...]

Tips on Using Safety Razor Men2022-04-25T10:47:06-04:00

Things to Remember When Shaving with a Cartridge Razor


Shaving is an important component of male grooming. There are two different types of razors available in the market that can be used for shaving. The most commonly available is the cartridge razor while the best available razor is the safety razor. Both these razors can do the job of [...]

Things to Remember When Shaving with a Cartridge Razor2022-04-25T10:47:54-04:00

Shaving Against the Grain – Why You Shouldn’t Do It?


Most men would enjoy getting a close shave. However, it isn’t possible to get a close shave without shaving against the grain. But, shaving experts and barbers alike recommend not doing it. The primary reason for this is that if you shave against the grain, you increase your chances of [...]

Shaving Against the Grain – Why You Shouldn’t Do It?2022-04-25T10:36:59-04:00

How to Permanently Get Rid of Face Hair Girl


Facial hair is common among men and women. While men prefer having them and even style them into beards and mustaches, women don’t like having facial hair. They want to get rid of the face hair girl and even want them to never grow back. There are many methods available [...]

How to Permanently Get Rid of Face Hair Girl2022-04-25T10:28:44-04:00

Face Hair Style for Businessmen


Businessmen or people working in the corporate sector usually don’t wear beards. In some cases, the company you work at doesn’t allow you to have a beard or any kind of facial hair. However, things are starting to change a little bit. The evolving corporate sector is now keeping up [...]

Face Hair Style for Businessmen2022-01-18T11:33:16-04:00

Face Framing Haircut for Different Face Shapes


Your personality depends on a lot of factors and your hairstyle is one of them. If you want your personality to shine, you have to pay attention to your hairstyle. Having a face framing haircut can be beneficial to you in this regard. It can accentuate the features of your [...]

Face Framing Haircut for Different Face Shapes2022-01-10T12:15:04-04:00
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